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About CAN4U

CAN4U Education Technology Ltd. is the online English education service provider who takes advantage of the world-class educational resources in Canada. It dedicates to set up a professional online English education platform for Chinese students aged from 5 to 18 and mainly provides online English teaching services for private training schools, kindergartens, public schools, international schools, and individual business collaborators. With the course between Canadian tutors and Chinese students will improve their language ability as well as globalize their horizons.

Our desire to serve as positive role models and to provide our students with lifelong educational foundations and preparation makes CAN4U a unique place to learn.
Our team thrives in providing that comprehensive experience through early years education, offering the most pertinent information, setting realistic expectations, and discovering the right fit for each student. 
CAN4U’s success with students results from our willingness to innovate and constantly adapt to our families’ needs. Our early childhood education program strengthens children’s reading, language arts, mathematics, and social-emotional learning abilities.
We employ English language learning experts, thought leaders in adequate test preparation, and highly qualified tutors to work with our students. We encourage our students to seek continuous improvement as we strive to improve ourselves and are constantly seeking ways to provide an edge to our students.

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