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Beki Hunt


Certifications in Education

TESOL Certificate, Community Interpretation Certificate, Advanced Mandarin Studies

About Me

I'm a TESOL certified teacher with more than 15 years of ESL and EFL experience, both in class and online.

I have a wide range of teaching experience, from K levels to university and adults. Strong focus on paralinguistics, phonics, grammar and conversational skills.

Clients have included kids and young adults,  professionals, executives and public figures/celebrities.
Living in Taipei for 13 years has given me strong teaching, language and cultural skills. I am fluent in mandarin Chinese and as a language learning myself, can easily help non-native English learners correct their mistakes in a positive manner.  Instilling a sense of confidence in my students is very important to me and love seeing them learn and thrive.



Cross-cultural studies

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese

Strong communication skills

Available Time

Flexible, can adjust based on the student’s schedule

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