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Gordana Maestrovic


Certifications in Education

Bachelor's Degree in Double Major English & Linguistics - University of British Columbia

About Me

Hello, my name is Gordana and I will be your teacher and tutor at CAN4U. I have visited china many times. Currently, I live in Vancouver. While I was in the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, I have studied asian studies in Mandarin Chinese. I double major in English and Linguistics as part of the linguistics and science language diploma. During my long teaching career, I did ESL training and practicum. In different city in the world, I taught in Tokyo for many years, Vietnam, and Paris. I am confident in teaching any age and level. I am also familiar with teaching IELTS. My philosophy is to be happy while learning and progressing. I am very delighted and look forward meeting you. 



English teacher to all ages and levels; British Council - Paris, FR; 2015 to 2018

Paris, France Emissary of the BC - the UK's international organization for cultural
relations and educational opportunities
English teacher to all ages and levels
Includes IELTS and Cambridge exams and exam preparation

2010 to 2014

Worked with the CSF (Conseil Scolaire Francophone) extensively in promoting the
francophone educational model in British Columbia
(Charter 11 in Canada for the equality of French and English in Education) -- including being directly
involved in the supreme court of Canada challenge of the francophone parents to maintain and


These rights equally in our province
Awarded the Volunteer of the Year in BC by the francophone community


2006 to 2010

Worked on the research and curing of dyslexia
Created the MyWindow method to cure dyslexia and a general lack of focus
Wrote the book The Road to Cheerful

Formosa Academy - Vancouver, BC; 1991 to 2005




Problem Solving



Available Time

Flexible, can adjust based on the student’s schedule

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